Monsterhood is an comedy/adventure serial about a human boy living in a town full of monsters. Only problem is the monsters hate humans, and that’s why Howie pretends to be a werewolf.

Monsterhood is now a complete story and is available to read here in its entirety.

This is the first strip I worked on, so as much as I cringe at the old artwork, making this comic taught me a lot about sequential art and storytelling. I hope you enjoy reading Monsterhood!

A few things to note before you dive in:

  1. There are over 850 strips (!), and even ten-to-a-page it is a loooong read, so be prepared to bookmark a few times if you don’t want to consume it all in one sitting.
  2. When I started this strip, mobile devices were not what they are today, so the reading experience isn’t optimised for smaller screens. So I recommend reading in landscape if you’re on a phone.
  3. Vampire’s a jerk.



Monsterhood - Kickoff

Howie: Greetings, monster!

Howie: My name is Howard Q. Busby, great explorer.

Howie: I have come to your city to live among you and study your ways!

(Skunk-Ape holding Howie up by the shirt with one leg raised to kick him into the stratosphere.)
Howie: This is SO going in by expedition journal.

Tokyo Business Elsewhere

Monsterhood - Tokyo Business Elsewhere

Howie: Ahem.
Skunk-Ape: You again?!

Skunk-Ape: Listen, kid. You can’t live here. This town is monsters only.

Howie: You know, if you look at human history, you might find that man is the biggest monster of all.

Skunk-Ape: No, I’m pretty sure THAT GUY is the biggest monster of all.
(Points to a Giant Mutant Lizard foot.)

By Any Other Name

Monsterhood - By Any Other Name

Howie: So, what kind of monster are you, anyway?

Skunk-Ape: I am what you humans have called the Florida Skunk-Ape. Obviously not a very accurate description.

Howie: Oh, so you’re not a species of ape?
Skunk-Ape: That’s not what I meant…

Howie: Oh, I get it. You’re not from Florida.

That Explains the Shape of His Head

Monsterhood - That Explains the Shape of His Head

Skunk-Ape: Anyway, kid, unless you can grow a tail real fast, you’d better scram.
Howie: Please don’t make me go back.

Howie: You see, I live with my two wicked step-aunts who make me work day and night!

Howie: And even though there are plenty of rooms, I sleep in the box the TV came in!

(Skunk-Ape is bawling.)
Howie: Did I mention the TV was a portable?

Flimsy Premises

Monsterhood - Flimsy Premises

Skunk-Ape: Supposing you do stay here… there’s still the fact that YOU’RE NOT A MONSTER.

Howie: I’VE GOT IT! You could TEACH me! I could be your monster’s apprentice!
Skunk-Ape: Oh, kid, I don’t think–

Howie: In return, I GUESS I could do some chores.
Skunk-Ape: Chores, you say?

(Standing in front of a house with a broken roof.)
Skunk-Ape: Welcome to my place, Howie! How are you with heights?

Meet-a-Monster #1: Evil Future-Robot

Monsterhood - Meet-a-Monster #1: Evil Future-Robot

Evil Future-Robot presents ‘The Three Laws of Evil Robotics’
Evil Future-Robot: I’m three laws unsafe!

Evil Future-Robot: Law one: ‘Destroy all humans!’

Evil Future-Robot: Law two: ‘Back up all important data’

Evil Future-Robot: Law three: Copy of ‘Destroy all humans’

Webmaster Tools

Monsterhood - Webmaster Tools

(Skunk-Ape is holding a cobweb broom and a chair.)

Skunk-Ape: Your first job will be to get rid of some cobwebs.

Skunk-Ape: This cobweb broom extends as high as you need it to go.

Howie: Wait, if the broom can reach everything… then why do I need the chair?

(Howie facing down a huge spider in lion tamer pose.)

To Serve Squirrel

Monsterhood - To Serve Squirrel

Howie: This is some list of chores, Skunk-Ape. Let’s see… mop the floors… trim the hedges… wait, what’s this last one… ‘feed the squirrels’?

Howie: Aww, Skunk-Ape, you do have a softer side.
Skunk-Ape: Turn the page over.

Howie: (Reading.) ‘…to Skunk-Ape.’

Howie: We’re having squirrels for dinner?
Skunk-Ape: And creamed weasels for dessert!

Howie Looks Into A Wardrobe

Monsterhood - Howie Looks Into A Wardrobe

(Howie stands in an open doorway in the background. In the foreground is a room full of junk.)
Howie: Oh, FANTASTIC. ANOTHER room to clean up.

(Howie stands in front of a wardrobe.)
Howie: All I wanted was to live in a mysterious land full of strange creatures, not cleaning– hey, look a wardrobe.

(Howie opens wardrobe doors. There is a breeze and some snowflakes coming out.)
Howie: It’s a mysterious land full of strange creatures!

(The junk from the room is now in the snow next to a angry faun.)

Welcome Home

Monsterhood - Welcome Home

(Howie and Skunk-Ape stand in front of a closed door.)
Skunk-Ape: And THIS room is–
Howie: Oh, what NOW?!

Howie: (Bursting into the room waving his arms.) Another junk room? Or a squirrel meat-locker? Or a giant spider lair? WHAT?! What IS this room.

Skunk-Ape: (from off-panel.) It’s YOUR room.
Howie: (Tears in his eyes.) What? My… my own room? I’ve never had… thank you.

Skunk-Ape: I chose it for you ’cause it’s the least haunted.