Monsterhood - Unicorntinuum


Unicorn: No, it’s not like that. I’m not working WITH Von Krieger… he’s just playing his part.
He doesn’t even KNOW I used him.

Unicorn: When Von Krieger and his staff moved their base to the Doubt-O-Dome, they set the self destruct on the old facility… I just dialed it up a notch so it would destroy all life on Earth.
Howie: YOU… you did this?!

Unicorn: It was going to happen ANYWAY… but this time it happened BEFORE I was invented!
They never BUILT me so I never went back and wiped out the GNOMES!
Don’t you get it?! I FIXED my mistake!

Howie: You destroyed all life on Earth because you felt GUILTY?!
Unicorn: Man, way to focus on the negatives, dude.