Monsterhood - Moving Day


Von Krieger: (Holding the explosives) I don’t know what your plan was for THIS, but it’s given me an idea. We’re using the teleport pods to escape to your town.
Evil Future-Robot: Escape? Escape what?

Automated Message: (Over speakers) Self destruct in ten minutes.
Von Krieger: THAT, mostly. You two will be staying here, of course.
Enjoy the fireworks.

Evil Future-Robot: I can’t bend these bars. They’re some sort of new wave alloy!
Henry: And I can’t phase through – I still feel guilty about Howie.
Even though he’s whooping it up with his unicorn pal.

(Unicorn working, clearly frustrated with Howie.)
Howie: I’m bored.
What’s that do?
I’m hungry.
Got any games?
I’m bored.