Monsterhood - Angry Jailbirds


Evil Future-Robot:(Holding explosives and an extra eye) This will blow up the pods…
And this will keep Supercomputer happy.
Cleaning Robot: (Entering room) HPT-1220! What are you doing in here?

Cleaning Robot: You’re supposed to be cleaning Section 919!
Evil Future-Robot: Uh… I was reassigned to Section 213. There’s a Scenario 837.
Cleaning Robot: EW. Humans are gross.

Cleaning Robot: WAIT. Section 213 was flooded with LAVA. You must have old memory files. Let me just press-
Where’s your reset button?! You’re an imposter! SECURITY ALERT! SECURITY ALERT!

(Both Evil Future-Robot and Henry are in a cell.)
Henry: So what’s the scenario number for this?
Evil Future-Robot: I believe it’s SHUT UP HENRY.