What does Santa Claus do the other 360-something nights of the year? Fights crime, of course.

And why not? He already has a secret base, an awesome flying vehicle, and the naughty list makes a perfect crime database. The only thing he needs is a sidekick… but the elf he’s assigned isn’t exactly hero material.

In Secret Santa: New Year’s Thieves, Santa, Cappy, Comet and Nanette attempt to stop a bank robbery on New Year’s Eve. But it’s not just any bunch of burglars, it’s the World’s Best Burglar himself, Napoleon Nabb and his henchmen! 

You can read Secret Santa on the back cover of every issue of Countdown, Blast-Off, Orbit and Touchdown in their 2020 editions.

Take a sneak peek at Page 1 below.

Secret Santa New Year’s Thieves Page 1

(In the North Pole, Santa Claus is heading for the Sleigh Launchpad. He’s startled by a sound behind him– an elf running to catch up dragging a wagon with various office supplies, an action figure and a potted plant.)

Elf: Mr Claus! Mr. Claus! Wait up, Mr. Claus!

Elf: I’m Elf 2 458 987! I’m your new assistant!

(Santa shakes his hand vigorously.)

Santa: Great to meet you! Ready to hit the skies?

(The confused elf holds up a daily calendar. Only the last page has not been torn out. It reads December 31 with a circled to do item: Buy new calendar.)

Elf 2 458 987: Uh… Santa? It’s New Year’s Eve… Christmas Eve was last week.

(Santa produces a black eye mask from his beard and begins putting it on.

Santa: Christmas may have come and gone… but bad guys are out there every day… so when I’m not delivering presents, I’m delivering justice. I’m… Secret Santa!

Elf 2 458 987: (Sarcastically.) Wow. Great disguise. No-one will guess it’s really Santa Claus under that tiny mask.

Santa: (Annoyed.) Let’s just get ready for launch.

(Comet, a reindeer, appears, wearing headphones.)

Comet: Lunch? But we just had dinner!

Santa: (Shouting.) Comet! I said launch, not– Take. Off. Those. Headphones!

Comet: What’s that, Boss? I can’t hear you with these headphones on.

Next issue: New Toys for Santa!