Monsterhood - We’re Off to See The Professor


(Howie and Skunk-Ape reflected in a rain-filled wolf pawprint. Howie has his tongue out about to drink from it.)
Howie: OK. Here goes.
Skunk-Ape: Wait!

Skunk-Ape: I’ve got a better idea. It’s time you met our neighbour.

(Howie and Skunk-Ape are in front of gate. There is a sign on the gate reading BEWARE OF KITTEN.)
Skunk-Ape: The Professor is reclusive, but he’s a true genius.
Howie: How does this ‘genius’ expect THAT sign to keep people away?

(A giant kitten face appears over the gate. Howie does not see it.)
Howie: Lemme guess. Giant kitten face?