Monsterhood - Taste Test


Vampire: Well, you tricked me into a murder situtation, but then you saved my life. You’re despicable, but likeable. You’ll fit in great around here.
Mothman: Thanks! Your dimension seems nice.

Mothman: Although, the fabric of space time in this universe as a terrible aftertaste.
Vampire: Yeah, we’ve had some time travel mishaps.

Vampire: Right now we have grown up versions of two local kids stranded here for the future of a cancelled timeline.
Mothman: What?! Don’t you have a unicorn in his dimension to prevent that sort of stuff?!

Vampire: We used to… sort of… he erased himself from ever having existed. I’m not sure how we even remember him!
Mothman: Any other gross violations of the continuum I should know about?!
Evil Future-Robot: Yo.