Monsterhood - Monster Lessons Begin


(Skunk-Ape and Howie are standing in front of a mirror.)
Skunk-Ape: To be a monster, children have to be afraid of you. But as you’re the only kid here, you’ll have to practice on this mirror.

(Howie is doing a scary pose.)
Skunk-Ape: OK, that’s pretty scary… but you need to look a LITTLE more SCARED.

(Howie is doing a scared pose.)
Skunk-Ape: Oh, see, now you look TOO scared, you’ll have to scare it up a notch.

(Howie is trying to do both at the same time and it’s funny.)
Skunk-Ape: More scared! More scary! More sca– WHAT, THAT’S IT! Oh, nope, you lost it.