Monsterhood - Unicornspiracy Epilogue Part 5


Skunk-Ape: So, I was really OLD, huh? Did I, like, lose all my fur and stuff?
Howie: No, you had way MORE fur. And wrinkles. But you went kinda CRAZY from being ALONE all that time.

Howie: Which reminds me… The Unicorn said I had to save THEM… whoever THEY are.
That MUST be the real reason he took me to the FUTURE! So I’d be alive to save THEM!

Howie: But if everyone on Earth was DEAD.. Who was there left to save?
Skunk-Ape: Maybe the people he’s talking about aren’t ON Earth?

(Banner: Four billionish light years away.)
Alien: These creatures are called EARTHLINGS, but they call themselves WILLIAM AND MARGARET BUSBY.