Monsterhood - Typeface


(Skunk-Ape and Howie are searching the Library shelves.)
Skunk-Ape: What are you looking for?
Howie: Sherlock Holmes. He’ll figure this out.

Howie: The stories in the library are made real by the Doubt-o-Dome. So if Sherlock will help us, he’ll find the Invisible Man for sure.

(Howie is reading the book and the words are floating above it. It’s a joke about the Sherlock TV show, yo.)
Howie: Huh. Cool effect.

(Skunk-Ape barges in like a doofus and the letters go everywhere.)
Skunk-Ape: Find anything?
(A lowercase ‘k’ hits Howie in the eye.)
Howie: Ow! Pointy serifs!