(A brick house sits atop a hill above a forest. From inside the house a voice shouts…)

Voice: Argh! This place is a pig sty.

(Inside the house, Sticks Pig lounges in a hammock eating potato chips. Below him the floor is covered in garbage. Like, a LOT of garbage. His brother, Bricks, is spraying a stinky sock with deodoriser.)

Sticks: Uh… Bricks? We ARE pigs!

Bricks: You know what I mean, Sticks! You and Straw moved in YESTERDAY and my hosue is already a mess!

Look at the floor! It’s DISGUSTING.

Sticks: Disgusting? Pfft! It’s not THAT bad. But if it will make you feel better, I’ll tidy up a bit…

(Sticks pulls an enormous book from his jacket.)

Sticks: …right after I finish this book.

Bricks: Is that the dictionary?!

Sticks: From what I’ve read so far, it’s about an aardvark. Oh, and try to keep the noise down. I can’t read with you flipping out over a little mess.

(Bricks’ face turns from furious to gleeful as he hatches a scheme.)

Bricks: You just gave me a BRILLIANT idea…

(Bricks flips Sticks out of his hammock. Sticks flaps his arms wildly in an attempt to avoid his fate.)

Sticks: NO! Not onto the floor! It’s disgusting!