Monsterhood - Stop Saying Swamp


(Amphibious Swamp-Creature is packing Howie’s groceries into a bag. He is dripping with swamp juice.)
Amphibious Swamp-Creature: You’re that werewolf kid, right? Me, I’m an amphibious swamp creature.

Amphibious Swamp-Creature: That’s why I’m covered in swamp juice. Gotta keep my skin all swampy and moist!

(Amphibious Swamp-Creature hands Howie the bag. It is dripping with swamp juice. Howie’s about to puke.)
Amphibious Swamp-Creature: Anyway, kid, here’s your food.

(Skunk-Ape is leaning against a post, reading a magazine. Howie comes along kicking a can.)
Skunk-Ape: No vegetables?
Howie: The greengrocer was green and gross.