Monsterhood - Preparations


Skunk-Ape: The good news is that by the time the moon comes out, we’ll all be in the auditorium for the presentations. The bad news is that when you’re on stage, the spotlight will be on you.

Skunk-Ape: (explaining a complicated diagram) It uses the moonlight, so make sure you take the wolf serum before you go on stage. You’ll have twelve minutes before it wears off, so let’s synchronise watches.

Howie: Wow, Skunk-Ape. Youve really put a lot of thought into this. You know, I feel a lot safer with you around. Skunk-Ape?

Skunk-Ape: (testing both walkie talkies simultaneously) Skunk-Ape to Skunk-Ape, what is your status? Hairy and handsome, repeat, HAIRY… AND… HANDSOME. Skunk-Ape out.