Monsterhood - He’s A Plant


(Howie and Skunk-Ape are reading a gardening book.)
Howie: It says we should try to use plants native to our local area.

Skunk-Ape: I don’t think they had our local area in mind.
(Skunk-Ape motions toward two plants in the backyard that look kinda like a triffid and Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors.)

(Skunk-Ape and Howie stand over a giant pod.)
Howie: These pod things seem pretty safe, though, right?

(A duplicate of Skunk-Ape walks in.)
Duplicate Skunk-Ape: Sure they’re safe so safe you could go to sleep next to them go to sleep now ok
(Lack of punctuation = lack of emotion. You guys got that, right?)