Monsterhood - Dumb


Magic Fairy Lady: i am so dumb. just cause i got shrunk by a gnome today, i thought that justified getting a Large milkshake. i feel kinda sick.
Miss Gorgon: well, i am so dumb that i thought vampire would change. but he chose to be a jerk. i hope hes happy with his decision.
Vampire: i am so dumb. i made the wrong choice. I shouldve gotten a large.
Louise: i am so dumb! why do i always think of the perfect comeback when its too late?
Henry: I am so dumb! i thought by saving the town i’d offset my mischief forever! but i used a prank to do it, so maybe i broke even? I shouldnt have made fun of library girl.
Howie: I am so dumb! i overheard you taking about finding Von Krieger and i thought you were talking about me.
Skunk-ape: Thats nothing. I am so dumb that i had Von Krieger as a prisoner and i let him go. Anyway, hes gone now and you got that cool monocle that found out that library girls name.
Howie: Thats true. i wonder what else it does?
Von Krieger:(looking through the monocle) I am so smart.