Monsterhood - Blastaway


Howie: SKUNK-APE! You’re alive!
Old Skunk-Ape: HOWIE? But… you haven’t aged!
Howie: The Unicorn brought me to the future. How did you SURVIVE?

Old Skunk-Ape: (over flashback) I was playing hide and seek with Henry… I hid in the basement… I guess it worked like a fallout shelter.
(the ‘Thoom’ of the explosion is audible through the basement walls.)
Past Skunk-Ape: Huh?

Old Skunk-Ape: (over flashback) When I got out, the town was gone… at first I freaked out, but I quickly regained my sanity.
Past Skunk-Ape: (emerges from basement into a wasteland) Yaaaaaaaaaarghhhhhh!

(Flashback ends)
Old Skunk-Ape: (Holding a rock) Especially after I made friends with this rock!
His name is Howie, too!